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About us: PFDSU Mission Statement


The PFDSU, or People's Front of the Democratic Stellar Union, represents a group of players devoted to ensuring a bright future for Star Citizen by:

  1. Enriching the game experience for newcomers.
  2. Nurturing a positive sense of community.
  3. Providing support for beginning and intermediate level players in various ways.

The PFDSU, as an organisation, is non-profit and neither political nor aligned with any Org. Ultimately, the the intent of the PFDSU is to help develop Star Citizen into a better place for everyone by building a strong and broad community on the foundation of honesty and solid new player support. The PFDSU is to achieve these ends by hosting edge-case activities in order to improve access and confidence in the Star Citizen universe.

Mercurio Morat is currently conducting an ongoing assets and mechanics survey to identify viable saddlepoints between economic serviceability and access threshold in edge-case activities. You can find Merc, in-game (usually in the AUS Server Region). Alternatively, you can contact us by email.

We would like to give a shout out to Gill Greed Gush, who formulated the hunting model with which our entire system was started. Rocktropia residents (Entropia Universe can keep up with Gill at

Gill's hunts evolved into the PFC Hunts, on Calypso. However, since our expansion of operations into Arkadia, the planet-specific name no longer conveyed the scope of our interests. The name of the PFC was therefore formally changed to PFEU and announced on PCF (Planet Calypso Forums) on ISO:2014-October-22. From that date, all former PFA and PFC activities continue to be carried out under the common banner of the PFEU. At the height of PFEU activity, there were weekly hunts conducted on planets Calypso, Arkadia and ROCKtropia of Entropia Universe and a total of more than 350 hunts had been led by the time funding and reserves had dried up on 2015-November-15.

It's coming up to three years since that fateful November day; three years without contact from the main Benefactor of the PFEU and two and a half years with no contact made by any of the team leaders. By 2020 it will be high time to move on and, to this end, we've drawn inspiration from a key event in the history of Star Citizen.

2793-April-30th: A great day in history!

On the 30th of April, 2793, the Governance Modernization Act had been put to the vote. It was a bill with potential for great good or great evil: A bill under which the UEE would evolve into the DSU and, thereby, the great leap away from tyranny be acknowledged. The bill was undermined by the contentious issue of where to relocate the seat of government; an issue which should have been raised separately at a much later date and only after a senatorial conference on the best location for government.

Reality is never so kind.

Major issues were overshadowed by minor issues and the bill failed to pass by the slimmest of margins. Imperator Erin Toi understood the importance of the bill and still retained the authority, of the Messer's, to overrule the senate and force the bill into effect. Her Chief of Staff, Clement Redfield, said as much. What is truly worthy of celebration, on this day in history, is the integrity upheld by Erin Toi's decision; a decision she made against her judgement and desire for the new face of human civilization.

Against her own judgment, Imperator Erin Toi ratified the will of the people over and above her beliefs and preferences. This making of space for others to live and breath beside us is how we can improve our lives in a way that is sustainable because it is, ultimately, in a way which will be supported by those who, likewise, benefit from our own moderation. This is how we've always done things; in the PFC, in the PFEU and, now, in the PFDSU which is intended to honour the integrity of Imperator Erin Toi with the incorporation of the DSU into our new operating name for Star Citizen


Our presence in the Star Citizen Universe is currently for the purpose of reconnaissance. In the course of this reconnaissance, we will be cataloguing activities to identify

Once identified, free-service activities (such as the Hunts used to be in Entropia Universe) will be listed with any attached dependency mechanics that are yet to be implemented, on the home page for the PFDSU. Once a free-service activity has all dependent mechanics implemented and is assigned both a team leader and a fund, it will be scheduled on the home page for the PFDSU with a link to the free-service draw in the left navigation panel of this site.

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Thursday, ISO: 2024-July-25, 15:43 hours, UTC.